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The Company

Xarxa Teatre was founded in 1983 in Vila-real (Castellón) and since then it has experienced continuous growth. Since its inception, the directors of Xarxa Teatre have chosen the street as the stage for their performances.”

Escandall Teatral

Escandall Teatral was born within Xarxa Teatre to carry out projects with a marked social character. Committed theater dealing with current events by developing different registers such as text or the absence of pyrotechnics.

The history of Xarxa Teatre

Once upon a time, in the Castellón plain, there was a witch named Marruixa… She was a witch who was very friendly with girls and boys and also other characters such as the man with the bag (Bogeyman), the sun and rain, the queen bee and the cowherd from the dairy farm; she always traveled on the magic train of Xarxarola and when the children…

Since the beginnings of Xarxa, the research, compilation and publication of texts on theatre and cultural manifestations close to the company have been constant. Books on theatrical research, commemorative books on the trajectory of Xarxa Teatre, the Festival Internacional de Teatre de Carrer de Vila- …