Fahrenheit – Ara Pacis

On the way from peace to war


Fahrenheit-Ara Pacis is a large-format street theater show that delves into the pacifist message. It was born as a ”work in progress” with 10 stops: La nuit des espouventails de Morges (Switzerland), Festival Cervantino de Guanajuato (Mexico), Festival Viva Cité de Sotteville-Les-Rouen (France), Fortress Festival de Suwon (South Korea), Vila-real Avança, Santiago a Mil (Chile), ULICA Festival (Krakow), MUT! Castelló, FAICP of Bogotá (Colombia), Festival Geografies (Alacant). It has been the interest of major international festivals that has allowed Xarxa Teatre to produce a new large-format street theatre show.

A show with a pacifist message. The title refers to the altars of war built by the Romans so that the gods would not abandon them and they could enjoy long periods without violence. Altars that ended up turned to ashes by new wars or religions. This dichotomy has always accompanied human beings: peace as a hoped-for desire versus violence as a means to solve our problems.

Xarxa uses all the usual scenic techniques in its productions -itinerance, large mobile elements, scenic use of pyrotechnics, spectacular lighting effects…- to place before the spectator’s eyes the transformation of an agrarian and festive society that ends up succumbing to the fury of war. In short, Ara Pacis is a hymn to peace in the hope that we will finally learn from the mistakes of the past. Man’s blindness is the fuel for war.

Ficha artística


Vicent Martí Xar

Diseño y confección de vestuario:

Maribel Peydró

Maribel Monleón

Xarxa Teatre

Diseño escenografia y máscaras:

Amat Bellés

Carles Abad

Marcelo Díaz

Pasqual Arrufat

Construcción escenografía:

Pasqual Arrufat

Joan ninot

Marcelo Díaz

José Ferrer


Christophe Le Bideau


Ángel Lluís Ferrando


Sixte Barberà


Josep García


Laia Vilanova

Dirección técnica:

Angel Carrasco “el Nano”

Ayudante de dirección:

Òscar Luna


Leandre Ll. Escamilla

Manuel V. Vilanova