Xarxa Teatre was founded in 1983 in Vila-real (Castellón) and since then it has experienced continuous growth. Since its beginnings, the directors of Xarxa Teatre have chosen the street as the stage for their shows. Throughout this time, the directors of the company, Manuel V. Vilanova and Leandre Ll. Escamilla, have not renounced their origins and Xarxa Teatre has become one of the most personal large-format street theatre companies in the world.

• Tradition. Valencian and Mediterranean popular culture is the main thematic core of the productions. The company has been able to immerse itself in these traditions, bringing them to the present day and making them universal. The audience responds to the shows because they understand that they represent a reality, a particular way of life.

• Festive theatre. Xarxa’s plays provoke the audience, they penetrate through all the senses (the smell of gunpowder, the visual strength of the images, the rhythm of the music…). There is not just one way of experiencing the shows, but as many as there are spectators.

• Universal language. The company has opted for its own language in which gesture is complemented by other elements such as music, pyrotechnic and lighting effects… This approach frees the show from spoken text and allows Xarxa’s works to be performed anywhere in the world and in front of large crowds.

• Stage pyrotechnics. The pyrotechnics cease to be a spectacular element to help narrate the story. As soon as it immerses the spectator in a traditional Valencian festival, it recreates a storm on the high seas. It is not for nothing that the press has recognised Xarxa as the sculptors of fire.

• Multimedia theatre. Xarxa has been able to incorporate new technologies into their shows. The use of all the technical elements offered by today’s theatre (large format projections, use of cranes and large structures…) allows the company to face any artistic challenge.