Veles e vents

Created in 1994 to mark the opening of the Channel Tunnel, Xarxa Teatre took the idea from the work of Valencian poet Ausiàs March, bringing to its audiences an idyllic but at the same time apocalyptic sea; a sea that is the source of life and the space connecting cultures, but also a sea that is being destroyed, turned into a nuclear graveyard and constantly on fire as a result of oil tanker catastrophes. The environmental message is more evident today than ever before, as is the dramatic staging. Pyrotechnics and moving components accompany the vessel in its crossing, an idyllic sailing ship that in a matter of seconds is transformed into an oil tanker.

Performed in:

Teatro Nacional de Taichung (Corea del Sur) / Perth International Arts Festival (Australia) / FIA de San José (Costa Rica) / Expo del International Arts Festival in San José (Costa Rica) / Bicentenary Expo in Guanajuato (Mexico) / London Cultural Olympics2012 inDorset (England) / Northfolk & Norwich Festival (England) / Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania) / Life Festival in Vilnius (Lithuania) /La StradaFestivalin Graz (Austria) / Copenhagen International Theatre Festival (Denmark) / Cardiff International Festival (Great Britain) / International Festival of Street and Open-Air Theatre in Gdansk (Poland)…

In collaboration with: