Papers! is pure street theater: social, festive, impressive and transcendent theater. It is a show without words that tries to provoke the audience’s reflection through the usage of images that move amongst the real, the inconceivable and the absurd. The characters satirize the conflicts that both power and money create in our society. Xarxa Teatre remains faithful to the aesthetics and the style that have brought recognition to the company throughout theater festivals from all over the world.

The show draws a group of illegal emigrants who arrive to a new country, where soon all their expectations get frustrated by the rules and the roles that this new society gives them. A street show with airs of tragicomedy, which combines drama, sarcasm and humor.

The audience has said:

· “Excellent”. Dominique Trichet. FAI AR director
· “That’s theatre”. Toni Pastor. Cultural manager
· “Excellent… extraordinary… magnificient score…”. Josep Lluís Sirera, Fiestacultura, head of the theatre department at Valencia University
· “Exciting”. Hadi Kurich. Teatre de la Resistencia director and the Sarajevo Dramatic Centre ex director
· “Well done, Xarxa!” Nel Diago. Cartelera Turia, literature professor at the Valencian University

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