Pasqualet de Vila-real.

Ànima de dolçainer

Manuel V. Vilanova

The dolçaina was the indispensable instrument for the Valencian festival of the XIX century and first part of the XX century. After the civil war it went through a period of decline, like other traditional activities in the Spanish State, returning to the limelight with the arrival of democracy. Pasqualet de Vila-real (1937-2020) has been a professional dolçainer who has seen radical changes in the consideration of the instrument during the 82 years of his life.


From being a dolçainer of the Festes de carrer of his town he went on to perform concerts all over the world. Humble and self-taught, I managed to evolve the use of the instrument by incorporating it into new music never used before. To the traditional songs of the old Escola de Dolçainers de Tales they incorporate the new fashionable rhythms, pop, Latin, Afro-American, rock and jazz. With Xarxa Teatre he went around the world and with La Paqualet Swing Band he proved that the dolçaina could also be a soloist instrument in jazz. The book is a journey through the Valencian festivities of the last twenty years and includes six CDs of recorded music by Pasqualet.



Manuel V. Vilanova was the founding director of Xarxa Teatre (1983), a street theater company that has presented its shows in all five continents and has been regularly programmed in all the great festivals of the planet during the 21st century. He directs since 2011 Fiestacultura, magazine of which he was the founder in 1999. He was the creator of the Festival de Teatre de Carrer de Vila-real in 1988 and of the Magdalena Circus in Castellón in 1998. He has been a regular lecturer and columnist on Street Arts in many countries of all continents. He has directed and written the books “Xarxa Teatre. Veinte años aprendiendo” (2004) and “La escena callejera, 1960-1984” (2010). In order to write this book he has had the complicity of d’Oscar Lunadirector, actor and theatrical director, la Dr Paloma Moradolçainera and teacher of the conservatory of music of Valencia, Jaume Gosàlbezdolçainer i màster en música tradicional, Juanjo Pelaezdirector of the Banda de la Unión Musical La lira de Vila-real and many other dolçainers and tabaleters valencians.

Manuel V. Vilanova