Nit màgica

Xarxa Teatre transports audiences to the popular fiestas of Valencia in which traditional pyrotechnics, music and firebulls are at centre stage. And all involving the audiences, who become actors in one of the most participative performances in contemporary street theatre. The devils and musicians invite spectators to dance under a shower of sparks in a cathartic ritual in which everyone participates in the same homage to the fiesta. A show that is experienced with all five senses.

Performed in:

Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival (South Korea) / Taipei Arts Festival (Taiwan) / Mawazine Festival in Rabat (Morocco) / Festival Internacional de las Naciones in Santiago de Chile / Watch This Space Festival in London (England) / Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania) / Street Theatre Festival in Aurillac (France) Ljiubljana Theatre Festival (Slovenia) / International Festival of Animation in Sao Paulo (Brazil) / Waves Theatre Festival in Vordingbord (Denmark)…

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