Les rates mortes

With Les rates mortes, Xarxa Teatre foresees the economic crisis that began in 2008, and that has now reached its most brutal moments. Created in 2006, the work explores the singular, satirical life of the Belgian painter James Ensor, closely linked to the world of Carnival. Combining a carnivalesque aesthetic with the company’s unique hallmark, Xarxa Teatre offers an itinerant, satirical performance that challenges the politics of the dominant powers that be. The company uses a wide range of animation techniques and stunning effects to produce an entertaining carnivalesque and satirical performance, but with a message. Frank Wilson recently described it as one of the best shows around at the moment; the only performance where you can see an effigy of a banker go up in flames.

Performed in:

Festival Leuven in Scene (Belgium) / Durham International Brass Festival (England) /  150 anniversary of the birth of James Ensor in Oostende (Belgium) / Festival of Light in Huddersfield (England) / Movimentos Festival in Wolfsburg (Germany) / Chalon dansla Rue(France) / Les Années Joué de Joué Festival in Les Tours (France) / Cádiz Ibero-American Theatre Festival / Mediterranean Fair in Manresa / Medieval Festival in Elx…

In collaboration with: