El foc del mar

What was Xarxa Teatre’s first international production is now enjoying its second youth. Adapted to any pyrotechnic regulations, whether static or moving through the venue, El foc del mar has recently been performed in some of the most prestigious festivals of America, Asia and Europe. The use of fire, aesthetics inspired by the work of Catalan artist Joan Miró and the music of the dulzaina and tambor reflect the Mediterranean flavour of a show rooted in popular traditions and fiestas. The fallas, the Moors and Christians fiesta or the traditional use of pyrotechnics leave their geographical confines behind to become a universal extravaganza.

Performed in:

Santiago a Mil Festival / Taipei Arts Festival (Taiwan) / Quebec Festival d’été (Canada) / Festival Mirada in Santos (Brazil)  International Street Theatre Festival in Vila-real / Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania) / Aruba Dance Festival (Aruba) / Stockholm Water Festival (Sweden) / Santo Domingo Theatre Festival (Dominican Republic)  Stockton International Riverside Festival (England)…

In collaboration with: