Ara Pacis

Ara Pacis II is an evolutive process which has achieved its three first stages: Morges (Switzerland), the Festival Cervantino de Guanajuato (Mexico) and the Festival Viva Cité de Sotteville (France). This interest from the big festivals from the world has allowed Xarxa Teatre to produce a high scale street performance. The theme of this proposal is peace.

The title “Ara Pacis II” refers to the ancient Roman temples, built after horrible wars so the peace goddess didn’t abandon them and could enjoy long periods of wealth in peace. Nevertheless, those temples ended up being destroyed by new wars or religious intolerance. This dichotomy has always embodied human beings: The peace as a desired way against the use of violence to solve any kind of problems.

Xarxa uses the usual techniques in its well-known plays –parading, big mobile structures, use of pyrotechnics, lightning effects, visual theatre…- to show to the audience the evolution of a peaceful rural society into a bellicose one. So, Ara Pacis II is a peaceful visual poem hoping that we human beings could learn from previous mistakes at last. The blindness of men is the fuel for wars.

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